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Founder Story

This is Mohammad Akber Hossain, MBA, specialized in leadership, employee engagement, and culture building. As you may or may not know that before I came to the United States, I had very little idea about Leadership & Quality Management. I came from a poor family in Southern Bangladesh and had a bachelor’s degree in English. Side by side, I had the experience of being a lecturer of English in a reputed College in Dhaka Bangladesh. With all these said, even though I taught several young students in Bangladesh who are waiting to be future leaders, I was in charge of a group to lead to a bright future and I was regarded as their icon, but now I realized that I had a very little idea of what is leadership and why it is necessary.


Upon coming to the USA on 15th November 2007, I had only $670 in my pocket when I landed at the New York John F. Kennedy Airport. I had to borrow almost $7000 and quit my lecturer job in Bangladesh to immigrate to the United States. At that time, I was in a dire need of money. As I had my wife with me and another family of my parents and siblings in Bangladesh waiting for my money for their daily expenses. So, I decided to do whatever I was given to earn money. That was the beginning of my journey which was not pleasant at all. I struggled through times to master up the skills of a leadership coach and finally become one.


After coming to the United States, I had nothing to do. I started looking for jobs but it was difficult as I didn’t get my Green Card & Social Security Number Card (SSN) yet. It was indeed a heartbreaking time for me. But at last, I got a job from a Warehouse Owner as a Warehouse Associate. It was a very laborious and painful job but I was satisfied with the fact that I was at least doing something to support my family. I struggled for six months in this way. But then I started thinking for alternatives and took the risk of quitting the job and moved to Connecticut.

In Connecticut, I tried to work in gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores but that didn't work out. I failed to prove myself as competent employee there, so I decided to leave again. Later on, I applied to a Medical Device Manufacturing company and got hired as a temporary quality technician. I tried hard to adapt to the environment there and give up my dream of being a teacher who would change the lives of the people. Here, I experienced Corporate Manufacturing and Quality Management System and was doing quite well. So, I sent my wife to College to study Nursing and enrolled myself in College for another Bachelor’s degree. I was working from the afternoon all way to morning. And that's how the days passed for 7 years. At that point, I was so convinced that I could not go further anymore that I was not even trying a Team Leader Job!


When I totally lost the hope of fulfilling my dreams, that was the time when I woke up with my conscience with a tragedy in my life. In June 2016, I had a serious motor accident. I was driving on the highway, was very exhausted and I fell asleep while I was driving. I hit two cars and my car and other cars were a total loss. I was supposed to die in that sort of a motor crush. But, magically, I did not die. I just had some minor injuries. I realized that it was a lesson for me to wake up because I adopted a completely wrong path to building my fortune. So, I decided to improve my life. I started talking to the bosses for directions and searching for jobs in companies.


I gradually improved and got a job as a Quality Team Lead. I started working with bosses, seeking mentors, and exploring courses within the company. In my very first job in the United States, I worked for 7 long years. I saw many of my colleagues improved their careers, sought new opportunities & got promoted. In the meantime, I finished my second bachelor’s degree from Albertus Magnus College, Connecticut with a GPA of 4.00 out of 4.00 and with an Academic Excellence Award and started looking for courses that could motivate and redirect me, people who could coach and mentor me, and books that could re-energize and reshape me to move forward. Suddenly,  I realized that I did not learn how to lead me which was also holding me from moving forward and leading others.  I realized that I could do something to go higher. I could do better. Gradually, I changed my belief system, attitude, and learning system, I learned how to manage time and I learned how to remove & deal with social control on me and establish my own control over me. That is how I started getting results and got in the driver's seat of my own life.


Within a year, I was hired as a Manufacturing Supervisor, a leadership position that I could never imagine to have. I became a leader of 80 people where I was one of them a few days ago. But soon I realized that I was somewhere lacking in my leadership skills as my team members were not following my orders properly. So, I talked to my manager about the fact and indeed, he was a wonderful person. He helped me realize that unless I proved myself as a leader in the eyes of my team members and gained acceptance from their hearts, I should not consider myself as a leader. He suggested me to use the company’s tuition reimbursement to have an MBA degree in Management in order to improve my knowledge in leadership, mentorship & coaching abilities to prove and succeed as an able leader. So, I followed his advice. But yet, I was struggling with many issues. I felt there was something that was still holding me back. Receiving a leadership position, getting onsite supervisory and training tools, and earning an MBA degree in management did advance me, but did not make me a good leader, mentor, and coach.


Then, One day I came across a message from Dr. John C. Maxwell,

“Everything rises and falls on leadership. All good leaders are good managers, all good managers are not good leaders.”


Gradually, I realized that the biggest form of leadership is to sacrifice for others. As a leader, my biggest assignment and responsibility is to equip and change others in the same way I transformed. I took John C. Maxwell as my role model. I got certified as John Maxwell Certified Speaker & Coach. But, I also started learning from Expert Coaches & Leadership Trainers like Brian Tracy, Rabin Sharma, Ken Blanchard, Raj Sisodia, Bob Chapman, Dr. John Townsend, Dr. Neha Sangwan, etc. Thus, I realized that you need a coach and good leadership trainer to walk you through to be a mature leader. And, leaders prepare themselves to enlighten others!


Through my various positions in Corporates in the USA, I came across many wonderful quality management & leadership systems and realized that the leadership across the organizations can be much more productive, lively, and conscious. Side by side, I also realized that poor and underdeveloped countries (like Bangladesh, Nepal, etc.) are not improving solely because of a lack of resources, but the main reason is poor leadership.

So, here I am. I prepared and equipped myself with wonderful leadership, coaching, and mentoring knowledge. I am your Coach Muhammad Akbar Hossain to enlighten, coach, and mentor you with Leadership tools that can perfectly guide you to be an enlightened Executive Leader!